TKKG Junior – Folge 2


Tom, Kyle, Kelvin („Dumpling“) and Gabby’s detective club solves cases with imagination, skill and a sense of humour. Friendship comes first and nothing can tear the four investigators apart. Living for adventure and having a clear sense of right and wrong, TKKG fight to uphold justice in Metropol City. And just in case they need a bit of help, Molly, the dog, is always by their side…

Strange things are happening at a reservoir in Metropol City. Bathers are being attacked by something from the depths of the water, but luckily escape with no more than a fright. While everybody is puzzled about who or what is up to mischief in the rezzy, TKKG decide to get to the bottom of the mystery…

Kunde: Sony / Europa

Erscheinungsdatum: 19.10.2018

Spieldauer: 44 Min

Leistungen: Aufnahme